Honeymoon wine

Lingerie is one of the best confidence boosters for women, and special lingerie is worn on special occasions. Actually, the reason why you wear the best honeymoon lingerie is for you to be connected to your more sensual side for the delight of your partner as well. This is especially important on your honeymoon. With this in mind, we have gathered some helpful tips on choosing the best honeymoon lingerie for you.

  • Choose what's comfortable for the best honeymoon lingerie. Wearing the right honeymoon lingerie for women is all about feeling great about yourself. Narrow your list down to lingerie that you find yourself wearing and not something daring that you'll end up feeling uncomfortable in.
  • Know what you're wearing on top. Some newlyweds already wear lingerie under their clothes. If you are going to change into a lingerie, then you can choose longer chemises or kimono type. When you are wearing it under clothes, you can choose tight-fitting lingerie or more comfortable textures like satin and silk.
  • Color choice. Most brides often want white-colored lingerie for honeymoons but in all honesty, it easily gets dirty, and it holds on to stain just after a few uses. Oftentimes men also don't find white-colored lingerie particularly attractive; bolder colors catch more of their attention. Mindful of that, we do suggest that you get brighter, bolder colored honeymoon lingerie for women.
  • Picking the right bra size and bra type. This is one of the most important aspects of wearing the perfect lingerie. Know your real bra size. Picking out a lingerie with bigger bust sizes proves to destroy your sex appeal.
  • Feel free to explore. Don't be afraid to explore. Wearing the best honeymoon lingerie is also about impressing your man. You can wear more daring lingerie and even fun-filled role play lingerie that will spark a wonderful kick-start to your honeymoon.